For a school assignment, I was tasked with making a tourism poster during COVID, so of course I chose to invite viewers to visit THE THUNDERDOME

To give a bit of context, WWE’s ThunderDome looks like this: 

The purpose of my piece was to be a little silly (since most classmates chose physicallocations) and to imitate old timey wrestling posters. 

Here are some of my ideas and scrapped sketches

I decided to do most of my illustrations in ink wash on newsprint to really get that grimy traditional look. I also used an old toothbrush to paint extra texture marks to use later in editing.

I tried different layouts and different text positions. (I wanted the layer of smartphones to resemble a cage as well as imitating the multiple screens surrounding the wrestling ring) 

After a lot of editing and scrutinizing... here's what I ended up with!

The final product; ready to be wheat pasted! 

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